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About me.

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As a young girl growing up in South America, I dreamt of living an impactful and powerful life. To me this meant I had to become the "ideal", or in other words, "perfect" woman. Over the years I found myself trying to live up to an unrealistic expectation of that "ideal", which left me feeling disempowered, defeated and worst of all broken, like I had somehow failed at womanhood.


An unrealistic view of womanhood did not prepare me for real life as a woman. It certainly did not prepare me for the realities of life as a wife, mother, and young professional out in a world that neither recognizes nor knows who I am. Everything was happening all at once.


I was ill-equipped and barely surviving, let alone thriving. I struggled to be the perfect wife and mother, daughter, sister and friend, while nurturing a corporate profession, starting a non-profit, and toying with the idea of entrepreneurship. As a result, I lost sight of who I was.

After just five years of marriage, I divorced my husband and embarked on a journey of rediscovery, which ultimately led to redemption. It allowed me to restore what I thought was once lost and rebuild what I thought was broken. After five years of separation my husband and I reconciled our marriage, created a beautiful home, and are working together to create a kinder and more loving world for our children.

My womanhood story has been and continues to be the inspiration and the reason why I do what I do.

Core values.


Belief in a power higher than oneself.


Actions led by emotions with affection towards others.


Virtue. refined, dignified and courteous.


What is absolute, real and true.


Yielding to the authority of your spirit.


Letting go of something good for something greater.


The moral responsibility to honor ourselves and others.

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What I do.

I have a deep desire for more women to feel inspired, encouraged, and empowered by who they are, and also who they are becoming; because I believe that women are created with the capacity to lead in their own unique area of gifting, where they are most intuitive, and most influential


As a Leadership and Reimagination Strategist, I provide women with the blueprint for thriving in womanhood and leading in life, in order to become dynamic leaders who inspire elevated and empowered living both inside and outside their home, leading people, projects, and processes with integrity. 

As a Womanhood Mentor and Educator, I also offer workshops and courses on Womanhood and Leadership Developmentteaching women of various ages, including young women between the ages of12-18 years old, the foundational truths about womanhood and what it takes to thrive in womanhood and lead in life. This especially brings me joy because I get to nurture the leaders and changemakers of tomorrow.

I also offer powerful shifts in perspective on stage as a professional speaker, and off stage on The New Ideal podcast, hosted by yours truly. 


Shaping a New IDEAL in Womanhood

Today, I use my story of redemption as a catalyst to walk alongside other women, educating, equipping, and encouraging them to lead from the expansiveness of their womanhood.

  • I believe that women are created with the capacity to lead in their own unique area of gifting, where they are most comfortable, most intuitive, and of course most influential.


  • Prioritizing people over profits or personal gain, is key to becoming a dynamic leader, because when people feel valued, they show up and perform at their best, producing immeasurable results.


  • Womanhood, by its very definition is a journey of resilience, endurance, trials, and triumphs — all characteristics of dynamic leadership.

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If you are ready to lead a compelling life of impact that inspires elevated and empowered living, I would be honored to support you on your journey to becoming the ideal woman of your dreams. 

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